Dug up and divided some fortnight lilies; moved a chrysanthemum; rescued some primroses; weeded; came up with an actual plan for what else I’d like to grow here! Plus composted a bunch of bark mulch. I loathe bark mulch. It’s so hard to really get rid of! And so taking 4 bucketfuls to the compost bin felt incredibly satisfying. 

Nothing says vacation like dirt!

Old skills new tricks 

Years ago, I learned to use a metal file to sharpen a shovel. The goal was to slice delicately through half-centimeter-thin layers of dirt without needing to wham or bang, and thus avoid damaging whatever archeological details might lie below.
Yesterday, I bought a brand new file. Today is all about ripping weeds and digging new holes for bulbs. 

A few months from now, I’m hoping to be looking out on a white drift of narcissus. 

Good things 

This week:

Being able to track my bus in real time, meaning I can sit and finish my tea when the bus is late

The awesomeness of a really good professional coach

A junior person at work saying yes when I offered to help 

A group of women I really respect liking my new haircut 

Hot weather in October, and the prospect of a really good hike

And that’s Friday.